Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Thinking of You


Now I have to type really fast. I hit the wrong button and posted my pictures before finishing my post, LOL! Well you can see how I'm starting my Tuesday. I hope yours is going a little slower.

Anyway, It's hard to say that I am playing with new stamps since this Little Darling has been out for several months but since I had taken some time off she really is still new to me. I can say that about alot of stamps. I think I am more of a stamp collector sometimes and not of the postage kind! LOL!
Its hard not to be thinking of someone today. This summer I was able to go back home to New Jersey for a few days. My wonderful and bestest friend from high school drove me everywhere I wanted to go. One place especially was the 9/11 memorial.
The area surrounding the memorial is all hustle and bustle. So many people either visiting or just plain working. That alone was overwhelming. You stand in a fairly quick moving widing line around construction workers My anticipation continued to build and all along the line you can hear people recounting where they where that day.
My dear friend Richie, firefighter, who took me there, lives across the river in NJ, never went to see....he had a personal connection. He lost a friend. When you walk into the was like all the noise from the city around her was gone. It was so serene and peaceful. Like I said overwhelming....
We found her name on the North tower pool, we said our prayers and moved on...

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  1. Gorgeous coloring and beautiful paper and designing! Hugz, Colleen



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