Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Happy Birthday Sis!

How cool is that?! My OLDER sister (he he he) gets to celebrate her birthday on the last triple number sequence of this century! It's too early to call her but I hope she has special plans for today. I on the other hand am wishing that this cold/flu whatever would please just go away!!! Today I didn't wake up as achy so that's a good sign but all this is messing up my cookie making! My girls can't wait for me to feel better.
This is my first Some Odd Girl. I'm seeing more of this cuties in my future. There goes me trying to keep a low key in stamping but there are so many wonderful stamps out there! She's done in Copics and my new challenge is to get those wonderful face expressions season SOG colorists do. Just incredible!
Happy Birthday Sis! Love you!
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