Monday, February 28, 2011

Playing with Paper Part One

Hello everyone, grab your favorite drink and sit back this is going to be fairly long. Today I am starting a small series of posts about Copics with some different brands of paper. Our local scrapbook shoppe, A Scrapbook Store and More carries Copic markers and Paula, the owner just got in a whole bunch a different paper wanting to give her customers a variety. She was surprised when I mentioned that colors look different on different brands of paper and asked that I play with them and offered an opinion. I certainly remember starting out with Copics and wondering the same about paper so I thought I would create these posts for you too.

Let me start by saying I am no pro at Copic markers and I am not certified, in the recent months since our local shoppe opened I have collected more colors and am getting comfortable playing with them. My favorite medium has been Distress Inks. In fact that is what I teach at the shoppe, but I have to say Copics and Inks are now tied. I love having choice to move between them. I’m looking forward to this weekend to learn more from Suzanne Dean joining us here in Florida.

Okay lets get back to why you are here….

This post will be about Skin color. I colored the faces of all the following Magnolia’s in E0000, E00, E11 and R20

Maggie #1, Tilda with Butterfly Dress, is done in the Cryogen White #89. This paper has a nice thickness and is not a bright white but has a little shimmer to it. It was easy to blend on. The colors did bleed through to the back, which it depends on different people is either a good thing or a bad thing. I don’t feel I am heavy handed when I am coloring but like I mentioned I have been only playing for a few months now so it could be me…

Maggie #2, Be My Valentine, is done in the Paper Temptress Heavenly White Premium Ultra Smooth. This paper has a nice weight to it too. I noticed my face was a lighter shade than the Cryogen but blends beautifully too. I can see it on the back of the paper but it didn’t quite bleed through, (not sure that makes sense, hope it does).

Maggie #3, Cherry Tilda, is done in the Neenah Classic Crest Smooth Solar White #80. It also has a nice weight to paper. Colors show up deep and bright and blending was a little difficult. It bled through a lot but I believe it was because I wasn’t quite happy with the blending and kept trying.

Maggie #4, Tilda with Lamb, is done Bee paper Artist marker Pad. Paper is thinner than the above mentioned but not flimsy. Angie Hunt uses this paper for coloring in mixed media with Distress Inks and I am certainly going to give that a try. For Copics, my face came out a little grainy to me, also bleeds through.

Maggie #5, Cross Stitched Tilda, is done in Gina K Luxury paper 120lb. This is the thickest of all the papers. Colors on this paper show up lighter and a little grainy but not too bad. There is no bleeding on the back at all and it’s barely visible. I could, if I needed, to flip this paper and use the back if I made a mistake, pretty thick.

Maggie #6, Shy Rose Edwin, is done is Papertrey Ink Stampers Select White Cardstock 110lb. I had to let Edwin join the fun! It has the same thickness as the Cryogen and blends easy. It also doesn’t bleed much. Paper feels like it has a little tooth to it, like the Cryogen. The other 4 have a very smooth finish and I feel like the coloring is floating on top. Currently this is the paper I am using.

So there you have the same markers used on all 6 papers with different effects and shades. I’m off to color arms and legs then I will be back with different color combos and how they look. Hope this helps some beginners. I would certainly try and answer any additional questions about any of the papers or would love to hear any other thoughts too, just drop me a line!
Also just noticed my camera lense must be dirty, need to take care of that spot coming up at the corner of my picture, lol. Sorry about that!

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  1. Thanks...this was very helpful!

  2. Great idea! Any chance you could do a close-up on the faces? I think that would help us see the differences.

  3. Hii!! Very helpful post :) I tried 3 of them.. Neenah, Gina K, and Papertrey. I think I like Papertrey the most then Gina K. And then Neenah but I am not really really sure :P I am very anxious for Saturday :) can't wait to see you Pros. I miss ya <3

  4. Hello LIsette, I have played with copics for a year now, experimenting and reading on blogs. I am no pro at all, and not certified either, and just want to have fun coloring and doing the best I can! As far as paper is concerned, I love working on CRyogen, cause it does not bleed, and blends so very well, and forgive more than any other papers I've tried. The colors come out richer than with the other papers, since it is not as smooth as the others. Have tried neenah - I hate working with it, period.
    I enjoyed reading you and sharing your experiences! looking forward for more.HUgs. Danielle.

  5. Lisette, thank you so much for doing this!!! I've not tried copics, yet, in part because i just don't know where to start! this is VERY helpful to me!


  6. Very informative Lisette - thanks for taking the time to do this.

  7. Thanks Lisette! That was very informative. I am currently using Neenah because everyone says how great it is but I feel it just sucks my pens dry and does bleed some. It seems like I have to refill my markers all the time!
    Maybe I will try some others.

  8. Great demonstration of the type of papers. Thanks for sharing the info :o)

  9. Thank you so much for this information. I have often wondered about what paper I should use and this really helps.

  10. Thanks for the information. I love the xpress and cryogen but it is nice to know about the others in case I can't get the ones I like best.

  11. Thanks so much for putting the time in to do this! I would also love to see close ups of the faces and any other coloring to see more detail if possible. I currently use the Gina K and like it but after seeing this might try the Papertrey. Thanks again!!

  12. Thanks Lisette- your info was very helpful- just started coloring with copics- my collection is growning fast- so far I only have Gina K paper- would like to get Papertrey soon. Thanks again.

  13. thanks so much for sharing your findings with us.



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