Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Playing with Paper Part Two

Today I am just focusing on two of the six papers I introduced yesterday. I didn't want everyday to be a crazy long post!

First, the Heavenly White Premium Ultra Smooth. Yesterday this paper showed promise. The skin blended well for me. Today is a different story, I used RV91, RV93, RV95 and tried coloring Tilda's dress. Blending was a no go. All my strokes just sat on top of the paper and glopped up. (Is that a word?) I started another Tilda in hopes that it was just me but unfortunately it wasn't me. I have one more little sweetheart that I am going to save and see if Prisma Pencils are they way to go on this one.

My other try today was the Neenah Class Crest Smooth Solar White. The colors are rich on this paper. I used R81, R83, R85 for the dress and E47,E44,E40 for the hair and shoes. This is the one that I had trouble with her face yesterday. Today I was able to blend her face better and really liked coloring.

The only thing I can see is that this paper bleeds outside the lines and the back of the card only needs a stamp and you have a mirror of Tilda. I can see all the colors just as deep. So be VERY light with your touch or have a colorless blender handy for this one. I still liked this paper and with a little practice on my part I would use again. I did finish coloring Cherry Tilda but she had some mistakes that I didn't like. Like her awful shoes! I hope I can use part of her in future or maybe I can paper piece her shoes, hmmmmm....

I would really love to know what makes the color sit on top of the paper like it did on the Heavenly Paper. Anyone know?

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  1. Beautiful coloring on the image Lisette!!

  2. Thank you for your research, I liked the Paper Temptress are you going to do the others? Your coloring is beautiful



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