Tuesday, October 9, 2012

The Best In the West

 Howdy Stamping Friends! Hope you all are starting your day better than mine. My refrigerator when kurplunk last night. I had to rush my groceries over to my sisters for a little "rental" space and fortunately I have a large freezer in the garage. There is nothing worse than reaching for what you think is going to be a cold glass of milk and it was not even close...yuck.

I'm really bummed because now I am stuck...I'm not quite ready for the remodel I want for my kitchen which I want to put Chrome or Nickel Finish appliances but right now the remainder of my appliances are white. What to do!
 Don't want to think about it anymore! This post is part 2 of  my stamping friend Wendy little ones inspirations. Her son, Nathan help design this stamp for Your Next Stamps and it just so happens to be named after him too. I believe I remember Nathan was this little westerner last year for Halloween. Now I know where his inspiration came from and did a fantastic job!
He's was so much fun to color in Copics and I had the perfect Cowboy paper from Best Creations. My favorite part besides the little cowboy itself,  is the bandana. This was such a fun card to put together! Hope you like it too!
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  1. What a cute little buckaroo you put on this card! I love the paisley and western elements! Adorable!



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