Thursday, January 17, 2013

Happy Birthday Cha Cha!!!

Happy Bithday babysister! She is .......HA HA she'd kill me if I told! I got a cool gift for her! One that will make her giggle! At least she didn't catch me red handed this time. HUH?? you say....

Picture it...Black Friday the store is packed and I purposely lose my sister who I go out with every Black Friday so that I can pick her gift up at of course a Black Friday deal! I figured I can pay and put it in the car before she starts looking for me. So while looking over my left shoulder making sure she's not going to pop up on me. I bump into someone with my right and as I look up to apoligize it was HER!!!!!  URGHHHH!!!!!!!!!

We laughed so hard we cried!

We have lots of crazy moments like that....hmmmm...usually at my cookiness (no idea if that's a word! Today it is!) Someday I will have to tell about the time SHE had to beep like an alien at Disney! That one still makes us laugh so hard!

She's awesome! Happy Birthday Cha Cha!! We love You!!!!

I won't be able to catch up with her until late today, but I hope she has a great day!  So here's sneak peek at part of her gift. I made this card a while back. It's one of my fav's and if you've been reading my posts you know why fav flower! It's always hard to part with my favorite cards but that time, it's going to a good home!
Gotta go my kitty has decided its time for him and is trying to sit on my keyboard...difficult to type...
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