Friday, April 26, 2013

Like Totally It's a Friday After Party!

Happy Friday! I got up do doing the Happy Dance! Have any crafty plans this weekend? I hope to get some  coloring done in between mowing the lawn and just plain relaxing! I did  a little too much partying this week! Blog Hopping that is!!!

I hope you had a chance to take a Sneak peek last Tuesday and Hop with us on Wednesday and don't forget the great discount code YNSAPRIL2013 Karen is offering over at Your Next Stamp with this month's release! You have until Sunday!

I'm sharing Like Totally 80's Fhiona! Like I wore the same like outfit she is wearing. It was soooo totally radical back in the day.

WOW!! That brought back memories. I can really say that I had hair just like Fhiona! I have pictures....deeply buried in storage....but I have pictures. I will admit one other thing...I still love 80's music. My girls can sing some of my favs with me.

I knew when Karen showed this 80's cutie I had to have her, like totally had to have her!

Enough of that!

Stop by the YNS Blog for more After Release Party Fun!

Have a great Friday and thanks for stopping by,


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